Archive / October, 2009

Sweet Ride

As I rode my bike up Elm Ave. Wednesday evening, I turned a lot of heads. No. It was not because of my good looks. I’d have to say heads were turning to try to figure out why a 38 year old woman was riding a Scott carbon racing bike and wearing a vintage 1985 St. […]

Team Revolution Presents: New Weekly Mountain Bike Ride!!!

MONDAY NIGHT BANG @ BANGARET (MTN BIKING) Calling all Team Revolution Mountain/Cross Bike Riders: For a Big Bang @ Bangert Island. It will give you a great workout on the trails through the woods (in the dark). Feel the coolness of the night air and the darkness surround you as you whisk thru trees, pop […]

cx phenomenon

Yesterday’s cyclocross(cx) race lasted about an hour.  For about an hour, I felt like I had Luciano Pavorati sitting squarely on my chest.  For about an hour, I hoped that someone that I had upset in the past would be at the race with a gun and put me out of my misery. My hour […]

Dirty Girls: Council Bluffs

Well, as Ana put it, we should entitle this particular ride as “The Dirty Girls Guide to Turning a Fun Filled Ride into a Gilligan’s Island meets Survivor Epic”. What should have been a “two hour tour” turned into a four hour fiasco. If it could happen, it did. And if it shouldn’t have happened, […]