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Midwest Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic 2009

“If you want to get better at something, do it with people who are better than you.” That being said, I signed up for the mountain bike clinic in Indiana after Lo posted the information and link about it. I’m new to the mtb scene and what I have experienced thus far, I really enjoy.


Yesterday I got to ride. In the woods. With a group of women. That coordinated via facebook, texts and voicemails beginning at 9pm on Saturday night. That is what I love about this community.

Back to work

I’m back at work today and for our Monday morning meeting I gave my what will become weekly Team Revolution Race Team announcement. Scott, manager of the office here in STL, casually asked: “Didn’t you guys have a race or something this weekend?” “Training. 175 miles. Up and down 3 mountains. 100 miles on Saturday. […]

Team Rev Recap: Jan 19-25

I had a phone call with Dave Poole of Aerocat this morning. As we were wrapping things up, Dave said something like, “So you really ride in this weather down there, huh?” I told him we do. Filled him in on Frostbike. Detailed Sunday’s snowy conditions and Saturday’s well-below freezing temperatures and winds. Encouraged him […]

Team Rev Recap: Jan 12-18

Team Revolution women found many opportunities to explore the bikelove this week despite the freezing temps. At our quarterly team meeting on Tuesday night, we talked about what we have in store for you in 2009. If you missed it, be sure to check out notes on the meeting here. Topics covered include membership, clinics, […]

Team Rev Recap: Jan 5-11

Team Revolution women got their ride on last week at indoor trainer spin and the first weekend of our Frostbike Series. Carrie made us sweat at spin on Wednesday as she led us through an introduction of the various seated, standing and sprinting exercises we’ll be seeing in the next 8 weeks. One participant, out […]