Team Rev’s Tour de Cure

Several months ago a snow ball began to roll. That snow ball was the Team Rev Tour de Cure campaign. This snow ball grew every week that went by in the months leading up to the Tour de Cure. Team Rev went into the Tour with 14 team members and $14,105 raised for the American Diabetes Association.


It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The weather was picture perfect. Dessa, Quiz, Jackie, Suzanne, MaryK, and Terri were the century team. They overcame a lot of adversity….Jackie endoed, MaryK crashed, several of them flatted, and they were battered by major head winds on the second half of the trip. This did not stop them. They crossed the finish line grinning ear to ear. Flats and road rash did not dim their spirits. No buddy! Quiz completed, what I believe is her first century. She actually did more than a century because she took a wrong turn that cost her about 5 miles. Way to go Quiz! MaryK made it 58 miles. A personal best!

Arriving a little later were those of us doing the 50 mile route. This group was comprised of Janet, Rita, Cheryl, Pam, Maro, Elizabeth, Kathleen, and myself. Elizabeth was the pace setter. She took off like a rabbit. Pam and Maro were close behind on her heels. Janet finished the 50 mile route with a broken arm! Now that’s tough! Rita finished an all-time personal best 36 miles. Nice job Rita! My ride got off to a rough start. The first couple of miles were spent on the phone with work issues. I got so caught up in the issues that I dropped about 50 yards off of the back of our group. At mile marker 5 I flatted. I don’t think anyone even knew. In the process of re-inflating the tire, I broke the stem off of the tube and got it stuck in my tire pump. When I went to patch my old tube, I realized that the glue in my patch kit had dried up. Bummer. To top it off, I was on a wooded bike trail that the sag wagon could not get to. I had to walk down the trail about a mile to get to the road. Riding in the sag wagon was kind a fun. In less than a mile, we were at the rest stop where the Trek store mechanics got me back in business. I skipped a few rest stops and caught up to the group. All of the 50 milers did a great job!
Cheryl finished her first half century. Way to go Cheryl!

Not only did Cheryl finish her first 50, she also deserves most of the credit for making today so great.

I apologize if I missed any other personal milestones.

Some well deserved massages, beers and a trip to Fast Eddie’s iced what was a perfect cake of a day.

Start to finish. The Team Rev Tour de Cure effort is something that I am very proud to have been a part of.

Rev on!