Nike + Lance

Today I ran (out of necessity) from my hotel here in rainy San Fran (actually, when I ran it wasn’t raining, but that’s the forecast for the week I’ll be here!). So, I ran from my hotel, like I always do. Ran down to the waterfront and along the Embarcadero, like I always do. It was a bit chilly so my pace was a bit higher so I could warm up. Plus, I was happy it wasn’t raining.

When my workout was done; I stop my fancy new Nike/iPod thing and Lance comes on over the headphones congratulating me on my personal best mile time. I think I laughed outloud. But then I noticed myself kind of beaming, like, “Hey, yeah, that was a pretty good run and Lance just told me so”.

Ha! Dammit if Nike and Apple aren’t spot on and hearing Lance Armstrong’s previously recorded voice isn’t inspirational. Dammit if I’m not too cheesy for loving this expensive and unnecessary gadget!

Made me laugh. I’m such a sucker.