I’m Such a Nerd

I got this Nike+ accessory for my Nano (actually, my grandma gave it to me for Christmas!) and I broke it out this week (finally!). I’m in San Fran and don’t have much access to cycling (although tonight I’ll be trying to finish work in time to make the “Butter Lap” ride), so I’m testing out the whole running vs. riding ratio this week.

I am not a product tester of any kind, and really am not going to go into all my thoughts, criticisms and suggestions about this Nike/iPod accessory. It’s just plain “neat-o” right now and I’m enjoying the little charts they show me (you can totally see how in my run this morning, when this guy passed me I picked up my pace and drafted behind him for a few minutes–but then let him go so he didn’t think I was stalking him!).