Tour de Cure Update

Let me tell you. Team Rev is every bit as fast on the fundraising trail as it is on the bike route. Last year Lo, Elizabeth, and myself raised a few hundred dollars for the Tour de Cure. As I write this blog, Team Rev currently has tripled it’s riders for Tour de Cure to 9…so far. We may not be done yet. As for $$ raised…How about $1625? Can you say “Holy cow”? With 3 months to go we have tripled our riders and quadrupled our dollars donated. We are the 4th ranked team in a field of 10. About $100 shy of the podium. I am so excited I could almost do a back flip (I am not built for that but I would if I could).

Cheryl Hughes needs to be given a tremendous amount of credit for our Tour de Cure success. She pressed for extra t- shirts and has aligned us with Johnson & Johnson. This has equated to increased riders and decreased fees. Not to mention the possibility of some free jerseys. Cheryl has not missed a trick. Thank you Cheryl! I may be captain in title, but Cheryl is the one who should be wearing the “C” on her jersey. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be leading us down the 100th mile. Hats off to Cheryl!

tour-de-cure-team-rev-team-oneOur current team is as follows….
Janet Bassel, Maro Bottani, Cheryl Hughes, Amanda Knackstedt, Mary Konnesky, Elizabeth Madson, Lisa Quisenberry, Terri Shelton, and myself. Lisa Quisenberry must have friends in high places. She has raised $470 already. WAY TO GO QUIZ!!!
The momentum is there. Who the heck knows where we can take this.

Okay so there you have it. Just had to vent my enthusiasm.

Rev on,