Calling Catwood

Catwood ain’t happening today.

You can say we’re going soft–that we’re just not hard core. The hard core part of this course was the hills. Adding the cold rain makes the whole deal start to sound like misery. We like to think we have a good mix of misery and fun, but not in this.

The silver lining on our cold clouds is that we’ve laid the ground work for an impromptu event that could easily happen at a later date–when you all are more fit to try it (for those of you not racing for fear of the hills).

The other silver lining is that the internet is not short of adorable, funny cat pictures. Yay, google image search!

Thanks, everyone, for your excitement and offers of support. This sounded too fun (and hard) not to try it again. Sorry we’re such a bunch of pu-….uh, cats this weekend.

Good luck finding a dry stretch of time to ride outside today, or enjoy your indoor dreams of Catwood glory.