Hand Warmer Alternative Uses

The severity of this winter has cyclists stocking up on those magical little friends in the orange wrapper known as Heat Treat Hand Warmers. I want to meet the super genius who figured out that iron, water, cellulose, vermiculite, carbon, and salt, when exposed to air, create ride-saving warmth. Although the label states not to apply directly to skin, you can get away with it. Trust me on this one. I would not, however, recommend swallowing them.

Another remarkable aspect of Hand Warmers is that their heat lasts for 7 + hours. Since most rides last 4 hours at most, the question arises of what to do with the remaining 3 hours of heat.

There are a few possible scenarios…..

Scenario 1:
You want to take coffee with you while you run errands after your ride. You do not, however, have a thermal mug. No problem. Pour your coffee into any heat proof drinking container and strap your Hand Warmers to the container with a couple of rubber bands. Bingo. Your coffee stays hot and your hands get a little warm up with every sip.

Scenario 2:
You are done with your ride and are having leg cramps. A hot tub, masseuse, Icy Hot, or heating pad are not readily available. Once again…No problem. Simply apply Hand Warmer to affected area for instant relief.

Scenario 3:
You are really hungry after the ride. You have bread but your toaster is broken. Need I say it again? No problem. Simply place a Hand Warmer on either side of your slice of bread. Wa la. Toast in no time.

Scenario 4:
Bread is not going to cover your hunger and you need to take your car to Taco Bell. The only problem is that the locks on your car are frozen because it is so freakin cold. This problem is not a problem because you still have 3 hours left of heat in your Hand Warmers. Hold those gems over your door lock and you’ll be able to get into your car lickity split.

I’m sure there are more scenarios that I am not able to think of at the moment. These few alone should be enough to get some kind of Hand Warmer fan club underway. What a product.

Hail, hail the Hand Warmer