10 questions with Judy

“I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and married to a ‘suck ass’ Hub racer. I never thought I would be on a bike myself and enjoying it this much. I even mustered enough courage to participate in the first-ever Frostbike series–and survived!! I can hardly wait to keep it going this spring. Team Rev is a great group of ladies and I’m very happy to be a part of it. REV ON!!”picture-5

TR: Music you listen to when stuck on the trainer?
JS: I’m a TV junkie-I’ll put on “The Tudors” or a movie to keep my mind off of it!

TR: Biggest on the bike accomplishment?
JS: Not falling down?? Picking up my speed. Next will be Ballas Hill:) God willing.

TR: Last cycling-related purchase?
JS: Warm clothing!!!

TR: Do you name your bike(s)?
JS: Haven’t yet. Any suggestions??
TR: Careful what you wish for!

TR: Newbie mistake you made that still causes you to half-smile, half-shake your head?
JS: Going into the Hub and having Devin check for a noise I was hearing-turned out to be a leaf stuck in the top of my tire. I still hang my head.

TR: Any good crash stories?
JS: I was test riding a bike from Ron’s shop with Chris, my clip got stuck, and I fell over – right across from the Alpine Shop on Lindbergh. Very embarrassing.

TR: Favorite quotation?
JS: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift-that’s why it’s called the present”

TR: Favorite article of clothing?
JS: My comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers.

TR: Favorite gift you’ve given/received?
JS: Buying Chris his bike as a surprise for Christmas. The friends we have made and the happiness it has brought him are priceless.

TR: Favorite guilty pleasure?
JS: What else is there-CHOCOLATE:)

TR: Last song you listened to?
JS: ABBA cd I received for Christmas (Don’t spread that around-I’m stuck in the 70’s & 80’s)

TR: Last thing you cooked?
JS: Spaghetti-needed it after my ride Monday.

TR: Last place you went on vacation?
JS: CanCun in August for our 10th Anniversary and just got back from Chicago for a few days to hit the after-Christmas sales.

TR: Last book you read?
JS: Chasing Harry Winston