Ridin’ the Storm Out

As I lay in bed this morning and acquainted myself to the time change, I heard Mike Roberts, my trusted weatherman say “Rain today mainly after noon.” My take on this was that it would rain after 12 p.m. central daylight savings time.

I got dressed and headed out to ride. It was a glorious morning. The temperature was perfect and there were bits of blue sky and sunshine. My ride took me to Forest Park where I became engrossed in practicing my turns. As I rounded my turns, a rather dark shade of purple caught my eye. I looked up at the History Museum to see it framed by a purple sky.


What ensued was a race down Big Bend. My house was the finish line. Mother Nature was my opponent. I attacked and was able to break away. Mother sent South Wind after me. He tossed me around like a thin girl and pitched random debris such as empty McDonald’s boxes in my direction. In spite of South Wind’s attempts, I was still able to hold off Mother.

Cycling in the rain #2 by ndanger.

As I approached the intersection of Elm and Big Bend, I figured that I had her beat. Then Kaboom! Lightning flashed. Much like Kaboom, Mother Nature had caught me! In another Kaboomesque move, Mother Nature swept me off my bike with a wind driven blast of water. I grabbed my bike and ran through the grass to the 44 overpass. A few seconds later, the wind died down.

I stood there under the overpass like a puppy with its tail between it’s legs. Then a thought came to my mind. What is rain? For God’s sake it’s water! It’s not bullets or battery acid. Heck the human body is 80% water. What am I afraid of? I jumped back on my bike and headed for the finish line. Minutes later I crossed the end of my driveway. The race was over. Mother Nature had attacked, but I countered and won. Not only had I won, my bike was now clean.

Don’t let the rain end your parade.