Southeast NRC Update: May 6, 2008

Sunny King Crit


Team Revolution’s first NRC races proved great learning grounds as the team gained confidence and cohesion racing in big, fast fields together. With a handful of successes in local races, four of the girls jumped into fields of 60+ riders without reservation.


The elite squad fielded three riders Saturday in Anniston’s Sunny King Crit. The relentless pace and constant attacks ensured that only 45 of the 70 riders were able to finish the race at all. While the deep and powerful Colavita, Cheerwine and Aaron’s squads controlled the race, Team Rev’s Carrie Cash was able to lay down a blistering sprint for a prime win and Bri Kovac turned on the gas to finish in the money. While she didn’t bring in any cash, Sydney Brown got the experience she was looking to gain from her first NRC race.

“I was able to move to the front when I wanted to and I got into a break with the right mix, so even though I got intimidated (in) the last (few laps), I’m really looking forward to doing more of these,” she said.


Sunday’s race had a whole different character. The only excitement came from Advil and Team Revolution’s attempts to liven up the game. Florida’s Julie Bishop sported Team Rev’s colors and took two primes. Kovac got off the front for a couple of laps before being shut down and Brown’s counter was jumped on immediately.

The pace was considerably slower when front riders from the big three teams slowed and the narrow course clotted preventing any movement up the sides. Although Cash, Kovac and Brown were well positioned on the final two laps, only Kovac and Cash found a route through the final swarm to finish in money spots.


The weekend was a good one for Team Rev’s development program as Chris Roettger put the colors atop the podium with Category 3 wins on both Saturday and Sunday.


Next week brings the Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The elite squad will field five riders – Bri Kovac, Katie Weber, Carrie Cash, Sydney Brown and Julie Bishop – who will kick off the race with a 2.5 mile uphill time trial. Wish us luck. We’re getting the hang of riding together and ought to be cracking by Tulsa Tough.