Kuddos Category 4 Women-Hillsboro


In the shadow you are not…but the refreshing bloom of a category that we thought was becoming extinct here in the St. Louis area.

At Hillsboro, Team Revolution triumphed in more ways than victory.  Through excited newcomers from Chicago, fast starts, aggressive maneuvers, headwinds, crashes, and all out tenacity, Team Revolution shined and rose to the occasion.  In representing women’s cycling, the women at Hillsboro Roubaix should all be commended, Team Revolution or other.  It takes great guts to overcome fears, course anxiety, and competition gitters, BUT, ladies from Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri came together to mix it up and ride competitively with each other.  YAHOO!!!   This is the future of women’s cycling and we need to encourage each young girl, high school student, college student, mother or retiree, to spin just a little bit!!!

Read the comments for recaps of a few of the viewpoints out there on the road during the Cat. 4 women’s race.  If you are reading this and are from another team, please add your viewpoint as well.  We are all community!