Hillsboro Race Report – The podium view

Hillsboro started out a little rough for Team Rev, as Pam exerted her power during our warm-up and snapped her chain in two.Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get her bike fixed before the race started, so we were down one woman before the race even began.

All of the chaos before the start didn’t give us much time to check out the competition. When we rolled up to the line, we were surprised to see that the eight pre-registrants had turned into a 40 women field – boasting riders from all of the strong teams across the Midwest. This field, in conjunction with some nasty cross and headwinds was sure to make for a tough race.

The race started out steady, with Chris setting the pace at the front of the field for the first several miles. Carrie helped the rest of us navigate through the field on the narrow roads to make it up to the front (without breaking the yellow line rule!). Katie and Syd threw down a couple of early attacks that got our legs warmed up, and then Katie worked herself into an early break of five or so riders. I made it across, but the field wasn’t ready to give up yet, and charged to bring the break back and we stayed all together for the first half of the first lap.

On one of the longer hills about 1/2 way through the loop, Kristin Wentworth from Kenda picked up the pace a bit at the bottom. I rode up to her and helped set tempo and we found ourselves off the front a little bit as we came over the top and into the wind. A group of six riders rode up (and past) us, and I was able to latch on. This became the move that stuck, and our group of seven stayed away for the rest of the race.

About four or five miles from the finish I looked back and saw Superwoman (aka Syd) rocking it in a solo bridge across what had grown to a several minute gap. I should also mention that this was during the 20+ mile/hour headwind/crosswind section of the course. Now Team Rev was sitting pretty with two of eight going into the finish.

When we got to the finishing circuit, I hopped on Devon Haskell’s wheel to go up the hill. She hadn’t thrown out any attacks yet, and I knew she is super strong, so I figured she was waiting for that last hill. I figured right and the two of us got a bit of a gap on the hill. Two other girls (Sam Schneider and Kristin Meshburg joined us and Devon led us through the downhill and cobble section. When we came out of the last corner, I jumped left and Sam jumped right and it was a drag race to the line for the Team Rev victory!

Syd outsprinted a couple girls from the break and landed in 6th even after her major solo effort. Katie charged in right after the break in 10th, and Carrie in 21st, Jess in 27th, and Chris in 29th.