Can’t Buy Me Love

You can’t buy love but you can buy speed.

Two years ago, I would have vehemently contested this statement. I had been
racing for a couple of years. I had raced in a couple of time trials. Frankly, I thought
that the folks in their skin suits, pointy helmets, and disc wheels were a little nuts.

After a couple of years of racing crits and road races, I decided that I was not good at
turns or riding in a pack.

I loved to race my bike but I couldn’t do the aforementioned very well.

What was one to do?

Time trial.

This was the alpha of my expenditures.

First up were aero bars for my road bike. A TT helmet followed.

Mike surprised me with a zippy TT bike complete with snazzy wheels the Christmas
following my first TT season.

Good guy.

The following season, I set a personal best.

At the beginning of the 2012 season, Devin talked me into buying a speedsuit. It
cost $150 but would buy me 30 seconds on the 9 mile tt course. Sure enough, I went
from 22:24 to 22:00.

My soul has been in conflict all season. How of much of this is me? How much is the

The older you get, the more you spend on things to make you go faster to compete
against those who are 20 years younger. They may have it physically but you are
more fiscally established. They may be stronger but they have aluminum forks and
you have a full carbon frame.

Tonight I decided to go Merckx. I wanted to see where I was at with out all of this TT
stuff. Just me and a road bike and a standard kit.

Well, I came in at 23:46. My average “tt geeked out” time is 22:00.

Without mentioning what I have paid to go faster, my tt gear has bought me 1:46 at
the cost of $47.17/ second on a 9 mile tt course.

A good investment?


But, I don’t really care.

Anyone who races knows that it is not about the money. It is about the glory. It is
about beating yourself. It is about beating that person that is close to you on your
races and times. It is about beating the person who beat you last time.

The cost to race…a lot…the thrill of the podium…priceless.

Chase your own PR’s. Chase your closest competitors.

It is what motivates you that makes you train to improve yourself and that is really
what it is all about.

Race on.