FrostBike The Road Series 2011

Pulling into the parking lot of Cafe Ventana today was definitely bittersweet. Why? It was the last weekend of the FrostBike Road Series.
I am too lazy to look and am not one to get too specific but I think that FrostBike has been going on for at least 3 maybe 4 years. Holy cow.
Whether it has been 3 or 4 years doesn’t matter. What matters is the phenomenal and enthusiastic turnout. When you step back and look at the rather adverse snowy, cold conditions that this cycling event takes place in, the 30 ish attendance for both the Saturday and Sunday rides is pretty freakin consistent and impressive.
2011 was the inaugural year for the Saturday county route. Great idea! We have smart folks on the board of Team Rev and the county route was a demonstration of their ingenuity. A real demonstration of geographic flexibility.

My perspective of FrostBike is limited to the Sunday city route. All I can tell you is that, like the infamous busload of folks that shows up at a restaurant, the Team Rev posse took the subdued Cafe Ventana by storm on Sundays in January at 10 a.m. Coffee and enthusiasm flowed. Dressed up like a bunch of bank robbers we rolled out and tackled the urban course. Opinions on the best base layers, lip balm, and socks would abound.
In about an hour, the journey would end at it’s alpha. Cafe Ventana. What now?


These fresh warm little pillows of fried dough blanketed in powdered sugar were waiting for the riders at the end of the ride. They were highly coveted.
In much the same way that the Olympian strives for the gold, the Sunday FrostBiker strove for the beignet

I would venture to say that these dreamy little morsels were swimming in the minds of 90% of the riders. They were an unsung impetus to get out there and brave the cold.

Hey man. Whatever it takes.

If a beignet is what it takes for you to put on your beret and tackle the cold weather head on, go for it!

Thank you again to all of the Team Rev execs who put so much effort into making sure that the rest of us had such a ball!

FrostBike is where it’s at for energy and enthusiasm to breathe life into the soul of the cyclist in the dead of winter.

Fear not the cold,