FrostBike MTB SATURDAY ROUTE Starts at Sherman Beach

Given the great trails on the Sherman Beach side of Castlewood, the SATURDAY ROUTE for beginner/intermediate riders will start at Sherman Beach Saturday, February 5th.   Be ready to clip in and roll out at 8:00 a.m.

Directions from Castlewood State Park:

Take the road out of Castlewood (I think it’s still called New Ballwin Rd) go past Ries Rd keep going west till you hit a 4 way stop sign.

Continue straight on to Kiefer Creek Rd for about 1.5 -2 miles – look for a road (ST. PAUL Rd) that comes from your left as Kiefer Creek

takes a sharp turn to the right. (if you get to Manchester then you missed St Paul Rd- turn around and go back then it will be on your right )

Take St Paul for about a mile (it can get very twisty and narrow) you will go up a very steep hill and at the top will be a small intersection

(where Ridge Rd) comes in. Take a left at that intersection (the road is still called St Paul) go about another mile (down a big climb) and

look for the County Park Sign on your left that reads “Sherman Beach”

Directions from 44 and Eureka Exit (at 109)

Take 109 north (right off of highway 44) for about 3 miles (up a big climb then back down) look for Old State Rd on your

right (light) Take Old State Rd (twisty and narrow) to right on Ridge Road (there is an elementary School there) go about

2.5-3 miles to a 4-way intersection – vere right the road turns into ST Paul Rd. look for a long downhill then look for the

County Park Sign on your left that reads “Sherman Beach”

Let me know if you have any problems with the directions! (weekdays only)

Or call me@ 314-580-0640

Below is a link for the parking area and highlights of the Foster and Stinging Nettle Trails