Not so Balmy

It was 4:12 a.m. December 7th 2010 My alarm went off. Mike mumbled. I rolled over and saw my cat Hank staring at me. I scratched her head and said “See ya in a little while Hanky”. I believe that her reply was “Dumbass.”
This morning I was going to test the effectiveness of embrocation. As I garbed up, everything received two layers of clothing except for the section on my legs between the top of my knee socks and the bottom of my shorts. I applied a healthy dose of embrocation to my right leg. No embrocation was applied to my left leg. The only layer between these test sections of my legs and the elements was a thin pair of running tights.
As I rolled out of the garage, I was bitch slapped by Mother Nature. “Holy sh*t it’s cold.” I thought to myself as I rolled along. When I looked up at the Walgreens time/temp board, my thoughts were confirmed. 17 degrees.
My coach wanted me to do a big ring stomp cruise through Webster this morning. As I did my workout, what I would be studying would be the difference in time for the embrocated leg to get painfully cold in comparison to the non-embrocated leg.
At 7 minutes and 33 seconds into my workout. The non-embrocated leg began to feel as though it were being scrubbed with steel wool. Surprisingly, at 9 minutes and 55 seconds into my workout, the embrocated leg began to feel the same way.
Amazing! I was confident that embrocation would delay the onset of painful cold by at least 20 minutes. Not even close! Is embrocation a placebo? Are we all a bunch of suckers caught up in the smoke screen of embrocation’s pleasant smell and tingly feel?
It’s hard to say. As I rode on, the leg pain in the leg with embrocation became slightly less sharp than the pain in the leg without. Nonetheless, the difference was pretty negligible.
I suppose that there are a lot of things in life that probably have less of an impact than we perceive them to have. I guarantee that there has never been a Bingo match won by a rabbit’s foot. But the fact of the matter is that the mind is a powerful thing. If slathering on a healthy dose of embrocation is what it takes to give you the gumption to get out of your house and on your bike in the cold weather, then, by all means, do it man!

Do what ya gotta do to just do it.

Yours in Science,