Tour de Grove Weekend

When I look back on this weekend, a few words sum it up…
hot, electric, Team Rev-infused(not sure if that is a word but I really don’t care).
T fb’d about having a “great weekend” hangover. I felt the same way.
This weekend was much anticipated and truly lived up to all of the anticipation.
It started on Saturday with the Midtown Alley Gran Prix. In my eyes, Team Rev was the real story here…. Janet, Dessa, and Suzanner and Ana of the Dirty Girls showed up to cheer us on. That was GOLDEN. Ana was armed with a squirt gun. Perfect. The cheers meant a lot.  You unreal. Thank you!
On the course, Team Rev put on quite a display. Teresa pulled off second in the 3/4 race after suffering a “bag” incident with her derailleur….Yes a flying shopping bag got stuck in her derailleur but that didn’t stop T. No ma’am. She took 2nd. Way to go man!
Next up was the Women’s Pro 1/2. The big kids had shown up to play in our playground.
After several laps of cat & mouse, Carrie unleashed a wicked sprint to take first. Way to go rockstar!
The fun did not end with the Midtown Alley Grand Prix. Heck no.
Next up were the street sprints. Something that I had never experienced before.
To call the scene festive woulld have been a gross under-statement. It was an out and out frenzy of cycling excitement! Beer was flowing. Team Rev spirit hit a fever pitch.
Racers were held at the starting line so they could clip in with both feet before they rocketed down the 200 mile strip.
Women went first followed by the men. The grand finale was a “drag” race for those daring enough to race in drag on some rather stylish electra cruisers.
The racing was peppered with excitement. Cory beat some Cat 3’s in the first round to take 2nd in her heat. The Team Rev cheering section erupted. Nice job man.
What a cheering section it was…Lo, Jackie, Traci, Ana, just to name a few.
The highlight of the evening was Carrie winning the women’s field with yet another sick sprint that left the competition in the dust.
Sunday came and it was time for the Tour de Grove. 13 turns! Holy cow! T took 3rd in the 3/4 race for her second podium of the week. Good work lady. Suzanne took 4th in a field of 3/4’s. Nice.Chris showed some real guts by racing in the pro 1/2 race with a shoulder that was not fully healed. Chris is one tough cookie.   Carrie sprinted on to take 2nd in the race. Cindi I gave it her all. For God sakes she pushed so hard that she wound up in the first aid tent from her effort. That is what I call an effort! Glad you are okay Cindi!
In short. This weekend was cycling Nirvana.
I know that I am biased here but it was a very special Team Rev weekend. Members from our club permeated this very high profile cycling weekend. Teamwork was demonstrated all over the place from helping over-heated team-mates after the race…to preventing team-mates from over-heating by hitting them with some water during the race…to volunteering to help with various operative tasks at the races…to cheering…to being team-mates on the race course…to just being partners in a good time after the race.
I am proud to be a part of such a group of stellar women.

Wow. What an amazing experience.

Rev on.


(editor’s note: The various wonderful pictures uploaded by BR were preventing us from reading this blog entry. We’ll ask BR to upload the pictures in another blog entry!)