Steph Nadeau

  • Steph NadeauNadeau (NAD’ oh)
  • Category 4 Road
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Likes: Cats, Pisces, the Ides of March, long rides in the country, eating after long rides in the country, being lazy on a Saturday afternoon (after long rides in the country), shopping, dinner out with friends, the euphoria of a good workout, quiet contemplation, spring time
  • Dislikes: the feeling of claypots or glass nail files, pushiness, road rage (especially against cyclists),
  • Fears: crashing, losing someone I love, not being liked, spiders, needles
  • Movies: Princess Bride, Amadeaus, too many to list and every changing- I like the way movies can take you away for a while, provoke you, make you cry (both happy and sad tears)
  • Admires: My husband Phil – for his courage, strength through adversity; My mother Sheree- for her grace and constant kindness to others, Johnny Depp – for being so gorgeous and creative, Alison Krauss – for her amazing voice, My Uncle Nick – for his ability to talk to anyone, and immediately put them at ease.
  • Bookmarked: Stumbling upon happiness, by Daniel Gilbert; The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, , ,,, (to see what’s happening where my mom lives), (get a little news), (what’s sensational in the STL)