2008 Membership

Carrie and I were discussing the upcoming membership renewal that will happen for nearly a third of the club members (that’s a rough estimate). Concurrently, I was struck by the announcement by Radiohead of their “pay what think” approach to selling their current album.

We constantly worry that we’re not providing the value each member may attribute to our membership dues (currently $35/year). To some, that’s a lot. To others, a drop in some bucket I’m not familiar with. So, we’ve decided for 2008, we’ll implement the “Radiohead approach” for both memberships and clinics.

In case you’re wondering what we DID do, you can check out our 2007 random statistics page. I know we were “race-heavy” but, ’tis to be expected as the two (now three) coordinators are RACERS.

As you consider our value, here’s another reference for you to read on charitable giving. For more fund-raising incentive, we expect to be a 501c.3 (tax-deductable) organization in 2008. (Finally)

You know we’re not out here for hand-outs! We expect the club to earn your respect, time and dollars. Now that our first year is nearly under our belt, we hope to only improve on what we’ve started. We’ve learned a TON! And the one thing we are consistently reminded of is that this community is a group effort and we need a lot of help to keep it rolling.

More than a handful of our club members have become part of what we identify as a core group. Thank you! Your commitment, consistency and enthusiasm is a constant source of inspiration. As we embark on 2008, we’ll be putting our ears to the track and listening for suggestions. We’re taking small steps, but I know we’ve got a ways to go.

Here’s my quick list at what we’re focusing on improving in 2008:
Century riding.
More Rides for Illinois residents.
Epic touring events.
MS 150 training and support.
Charitable events.
Community development.
Mountain Biking(!)
Entry level Rides.
Junior Race Development.
More Rides.
More Ride/Social events.
Cyclocross clinic(s)
More Rides.
Suggestions? Lemme hear ’em!