Green Revolution: Tree huggers

It’s not just during MTB season that we love to hug trees (actually, it’s in MTB season that we hope we don’t!) I’ve had green on the brain for a while now. (Here’s my default web page!) And one of my favorite articles from their bicycle archive.

Being in the midwest, it’s fairly easy to be in a certain amount of denial about the state of the world. I’ve done a handful of information graphics in the last decade on various aspects of global warming and the like. Download a recent one for Popular Science *here*

I’ve also had the oppurtunity to spend over 6 months (spread over the last 2 years) in San Francisco. Often in those travels, I felt like I had dual identities. I had the “Bay Area me” that walked everywhere, learned public transportation, ate organic and local foods and reduced my footprint to a minumum. And the “midwest me”, where I drive the few blocks to the store and the 4 miles to work, never use a bus to get anywhere, still use plastic bags at the grocery store. OK, yeah, I recycle them and everything else I can. But there’s more to it and I’ve recently come to be embarrassed at my apathy.

Maybe “apathy” is too harsh, but am I right in thinking that the social, economic and political pressure is just not HERE in the midwest? Why not?

Here’s my *challenge* to myself and anyone I know that owns a bike. It’s a simple concept. It’s a small start, but let’s start somewhere.
Get your commuter bike and go.

On a similar note, we’ve been relentlessly working on our 2008 sponsorship proposal and marketing platform. We’re going green. As green as we can. We’re hoping to find partership with companies that jive with that. I’ve been on the computer for like 15 hours a day, scouring for information on a handful of businesses we’ve fallen in love with. On the commuting note, and just generally cool vibe, here’s*one* we want to marry. The short of it is: they make clothes that you can actually live in, they’re cool and so environmentally aware, you’ll want to recycle your own wardrobe and replace it with just about everything they peddle. (Except you’d have to rob a local bank to do that. So, instead you can be like me and do it one piece at a time.) Can you imagine our team kits designed by these guys?!

Got a green company you love? Let us know!