A Night to Remember if You Can

Friday afternoon, after numerous phone calls, I located the dickey that I had been in hot pursuit of at Dillards.It was not without chagrin that I approached the sales register. It was the key component of my Christmas outfit  for the Team Rev Christmas party to be held  at Lo’s newly remodeled pad that evening.

After pairing up the dickey with my Salv Arm snowman vest and silver studded red gouchos, I loaded up the turn table and headed for Lo’s. Little did I know that I was headed for a Christmas party that no other Christmas party could hold a candle, I mean tiki torch to.

As I pulled up at Lo’s, I noticed her newly hung Christmas lights draped across the front of her house. Nice touch. I think she risked frost bite to put them up. Tiki torches lined the sidewalk. Wow. Lo’s knows how to get a house ready for a party. She even had a “coat room” set up with cycling related tags to identify your coat. Sh*t. I just remembered that I forgot to leave a tip. All of the finest beers, many oak barrel aged, were lined up and ready for consumption.  These were serious beers. Nothing under 8% here.  Some came awful close to being whiskey.

With Grease playing on the turn table,  Team Rev Christmas partiers began to arrive.  These Revers came bearing what seemed to be a never ending supply of killer stuff to eat….White Castles, tasty dips, and  desserts that would put Betty Crocker to shame.   I was confident that the fruit cake award for the tackiest Christmas outfit was mine until Jackie walked through the door. Sh*t. I’ve been outdone! Jackie, strutted through the door in an elf gone wild ensemble. Her hat was downright nuts. She had a scarf clad in Christmas lights and boots that would make a hooker blush. For the record, these boots eventually found their way onto Lo’s feet. Holy cow. I wish I had brought my camera.  Lo in heels can be seen about as often as Haley’s comet.  Tacky sweaters and Christmas outfits, some of which were painful to look at, were everywhere.

The vinyl spinning on the turn table ranged from Thriller to Donna Summers to Van Halen.  There was some pretty serious dancing going on.Steph and Jamie even put on an executive dance session.  In the kitchen, good old fashioned pigging out and socializing abounded. 

As is the case with most good parties there was drama at the end. The power went out.  Was it the juice that the turn table was pulling? No. It was a general power outage for the block. Did that stop the party?  Heck no!  Revers don’t need power to party. There was beer and good company. That’s all we needed.  Good times kept on rollin like a freight train.  “Captain Morgan” poses were struck. More good stories were told. I headed out about 12:30. The party went on for a little while after that.

What a night.  I didn’t want it to end. The trademark   TEAM REV SPIRIT was alive and well. I want to thank Lo for going out of her way to make it such a great party.  Lo, your house is incredible.  You should be very proud. When you take a bunch of great people that like to have fun and put them in a great place with a steady supply of libations, nothing but a great time can come out of it. Not only can this club ride bikes like bats out of Hell, they can party like they have a weekend pass from Hell.

Rev on,