downers grove update

It’s been a long time since my last entry and that’s basically b/c we’ve been out there spinning our wheels and not a lot of free time at the computer. So here’s the quick lo-down:

Criterium Nationals were two weekends ago in Downers Grove. The weather was freakishly chilly (high of 70?) and rainy. For my 3/4 race it started sprinkling at the start line and never got better. Through the rain and 8 wet, dangerous corners I think our race only had one crash, maybe two. I played it safe and was probably a terrible wheel through turns. On the last lap, Kristen Meshberg of Flatlandia took a good pull and I attacked her just BEFORE the last turn. It worked! Until I freaked out about my speed heading into the corner. I scrubbed my brakes and slowed for it; only to have Kristen wizz by me in much better gearing for the uphill sprint. My legs were in slow motion as I tried to chase her up the hill. I held on for second and 3rd place apparently went to Kristen’s daughter (in the picture). Actually, when they finally announced the podium for our race, we couldn’t find the Morris Trucking racer who’d finished third…

Carrie’s races were more challenging due to more aggressive cornering. Lots of crashes! And even though Carrie had great positioning for both finishes, getting caught in crashes in the last two turns–of both weekend races–prevented her from her top-ten goal(s). Next year maybe it will not rain. That course is super-fun when it’s dry!See more pictures here!

Our 101 Race Series has been rocking and the girls have put up with a seriously challenging course out in Creve Coeur Park. We can’t wait to see their strategies, skills and guts in “real” race action–if not this weekend–surely next spring! We’re definitely excited try have sequel clinic earlier in 2008 get ready for next year’s racing now we’re busy planning how we can keep everyone in the saddle through another STL winter…two concepts worth mentioning: a “frostbike” ride series and mvoie/spin night… more info to come.

Speaking of planning…this weekend is Gateway Cup, people! XPLANE Team Revolution and quite a few club members will be racing (some their first race!) all around town. Find info on the race times and locations here:
Lafayette Square
Washington Avenue
The Hill
UCity Loop

We’re going to have Justin Corson, our team massage therapist, on hand all weekend, so if you stop by the team/club tent spend a few minutes with Justin to have him “melt some stress away”. Friday night join us for happy hour at our tent as we do our pre-race routine! We hope to have cold beverage (any token donations will be welcome) procured from our friends at the Church Key! Our race is at 8 and it should be a good start to a great weekend-long show.

Saturday night we’re having a shin dig post-race at the Church Key, our smoke-free bar sponsor in the Grove. There will be drink specials and socializing with racers and spectators. If you can’t make the races on Wash Ave that afternoon, join us that night to hear how the racing’s going so far and meet our out of town teammates!

More coming sooner than my last post…see you this weekend!