Mount Pleasant?

Upon arriving at the Mount Pleasant cx race, I was greeted by a very talented and rather feerless rider named Alex Grman. Alex proceeded to tell me that the course scared him. AN ENORMOUS RED FLAG  went off in my brain. Despite this flag’s enormity, I decided to race anyway. Maybe he was just exaggerating.  HE ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT EXAGGERATING.

The course started out with a series of off camber, skid inducing, amazingly “all uphill”, quad scorching switchbacks. The switchbacks gave way to what I swear was the only downhill section of the course. Unfortunately, this downhill was steep as all get out and fed you right into a hair pin turn.  I spooked like a race horse. I could not overcome my mind’s conviction that a trip down this hill on my bike would bring an abrupt end to my days here on earth. Embarrased, I dismounted and ran down the hill and around the turn like a real pansy. Upon re-mounting my bike, I was greeted by a series of muddy sections that took me up to a hill that had a strong resemblance to El Capitain. Once again, it was time to get off the bike. The first few laps I ran up this hill. As the race progressed my runs up this hill became crawls and  I began to look more and more like Christ on the Cross  with my head down and my arms strewn across the bike for support. God knows going up that hill had to be a pretty similar experience to crucifixion.

Fortunately this section was followed by a trip up the patio steps.  Yes…off the bike once again. But this time my efforts were greeted by cheers from a rather large group of race enthusiasts. Most of whom were drinking wine which made them particularly enthusiastic.

What followed next was my favorite part. The course took me up a ramp and through a bar. Yes…through a bar. Genius! Upon exiting the bar, the finish line came quickly.

This was a tough but fun course.  The atmosphere was second to none. The mood was festive. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than racing and relaxing in a beautiful winery with friends on a gorgeous autumn day. What a day. What an experience.