Dirty Girls Berryman Weekend

When it all comes down to it, words really cannot properly describe the 2009 Dirty Girls Berryman Weekend experience.  The old cliché “you had to be there” rings eerily apropos. A weekend when 19 women gather to eat, drink, bond and be merry, oh yeah, and to ride mountain bikes, just has it’s own caveats, clichés and jokes not to be understood except by it’s participants.  It’s a sisterhood of sorts.

I had heard of this special women-only mtb weekend last year but just wasn’t ready for the challenge at the time.  However, when this year rolled around, I knew I couldn’t miss it.  In fact, I was so enamored by the whole idea I had to be on the planning committee.  It was weeks in the making and really came together because each and every participant stepped up to make it happen.
The accommodations were supreme, the food was never ending and the wells never ran dry.  But the best part of the entire weekend were the people.  Team Revolution has a very active dirty side and that consists of the mountain bikers. And the mountain bikers know how to throw a party! Karen and Lo shared their expertise and trail knowledge and charted out our course and lead the groups. Traci and the Alpine Shop supplied bikes and gear for those in need.  Everyone shared food, beverage, encouragements and comradery.  It truly was a team effort.

Most of what happens at Berryman, stays at Berryman. I’m sure some stories will be shared at happy hours, at Rev parties, or on future rides and get-togethers. We all have our favorites.  Smiles will cross our faces at random times as a select memory crosses our thoughts I had a rotflmao moment thinking of a particular event. That is what this weekend creates – great times, life long memories, and amazing friendships.  In fact, we were missing two of our dirty girls this weekend due to them being out town – one out of the state, one out of the country.  I heard a biker proclaim, “we are riding this next mile for Ana and Q!” and so we did.  Our dirty friends are never far from our minds.

Whether it’s Twister, omelet in a bag, coffee press coffee, Christmas party decoration planning (you know who you are), homemade muffins, fire side chats, nicknames, wine runs, walks to the river, trying something new or clipping in, it’s women helping women conquer the mtb trails, building bonds and  enjoying life.  It’s the Berryman weekend experience.

I encourage anyone interested in mountain biking to come out with Team Rev. I guarantee we have your ability level in our group somewhere. And everyone gets better, builds confidence, and has fun every time you get out on a trail.

Team Revolution is many things. Team Revolution is mountain biking.
Long Live the Dirty Girls!