Big Ring’s Wish List

As I cruised around my sales territory today, my mind began to wonder.  Today my mind wondered into a cycling gear fantasy. Dream gear for every occasion flooded my mind as if a cerebral levee had broken…..

Solar powered defoggers for those blustery mornings where your eye shields fog at the stoplights….If your windshield has them, why can’t your eye shields?

Along the lines of things solar powered… Why not a solar powered bicycle heating system?….Take energy from the sun and use it to power a heating element that would run from the handlebars to the bottle cages to the pedals…keeping your hands, water, and toes from freezing. Cool.  I mean hot!

Bibs with a zipper down below for those pre-race trips to the Johnny on the Spot…..

Jorts with a chamois…functional and stylish!  Ideal when you ride your bike to a party and want to maintain your reputation for fashion without sacrificing a comfortable ride….

Rubber cleat covers…another must for the cyclist who rides to parties…Ever arrived at the party and bit it when you attempted to stroll across the host’s quarry tile kitchen in your cleats?  Enough said.  We’ve all been there……

A pump pocket on jerseys….One that is deep and skinny….One that won’t let go of your tire pump when you hit a pot hole…….

A kangaroo pouch on jerseys…..One that is expandable to about the size of a bowling ball…This would be ideal for transporting those random gems often found on an urban cruise…One of my favorite tee shirts is one I found on Eichelberger during a ride. I had to tie it to my handlebars.  Boy a kangaroo pouch would have sure come in handy that day…..

Last but not least….Racing is dangerous enough without subjecting the racers to puncture wounds before the race even starts. Why not go with Velcro racing numbers?  Just a thought.

Rev on….Dream on.