Team Revolution began when a handful of women identified the need for a comprehensive organization to meet the unique needs of female cyclists. Together, they founded the St. Louis-based club to serve as a resource for women looking to explore and discover the sport. With a renewed sense of direction, Carrie Cash made the club her full-time focus in 2006. With cofounder, Chris Roettger, she set out to grow the organization into the non-profit cycling education and advocacy group for women it has become today. Simply put, Team Revolution exists to teach and inspire women of all ages to ride for competition, recreation, health, and fitness.

In St. Louis, we focus on weekly rides, training advice, and seasonal and targeted educational clinics in dirt, rain, snow and blistering heat. We teach our members how to bike commute, layer for winter riding and do simple maintenance on their own bikes. We give women the tools they need to feel confident cycling in every environment.

As part of our commitment to growing the sport, club members learn to serve as cycling advocates. We go into schools to teach kids about helmet safety and partner with other local organizations on trail maintenance. We are adamant about securing equal race time and prize money for beginning women racers and have sent letters, written blog entires and made noise on forums to ensure our collective voice is heard.

Initially, we put our focus on the polar ends of the spectrum to capitalize on the enthusiasm and success of an elite racer and the eagerness of a new rider and hoped that the rest would fill in.  And fill in it has.

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