Team Revolution is an organization committed to building a community for women who ride bikes (um, bicycles, yes). We teach, advocate, ride, race, socialize (not necessarily in that order). The club is run by dedicated cyclists interested in sharing a passion for the sport with anyone who will listen and wants to learn.

So, what’s this Revolution, really? Um, well, we thought it was a clever pun, but we know that’s debatable. Cleverness, or lack thereof, aside, we’re here to get the wheels turning– literally and metaphorically. It’s a movement to get women active by making this sport incredibly approachable and to build a community invested its own collective growth.

We’re glad you found us and hope you spend some time exploring what the club is all about, when and where we ride, why you’d want to and how you can join the Revolution.

Team Revolution is a registered non-profit.

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