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Ride of the Century

It was a cool autumn morning when the Team Rev riders began to assemble on the Ameristar parking lot to do the Trailnet Ride the Rivers Century.  This star studded group consisted of:    Amy McClintock- a very strong  new Team Rever rider from the Wednesday night ride,  Lisa Glad-another very strong Team Rev newbie , […]

Call to Members

Many of you guys attended a meeting we held in March(?) at Cafe Ventana. It was a great meeting with a broad stroke of women cyclists in St. Louis. Newbies, veterans, racers, century riders, fund-raisers all fresh from winter’s grip–eager for spring riding. There was a newness, it felt promising. And now, staring down the […]

Wednesday After Dark Rides

  Beginning NEXT week (October 5, 2011) we’ll be hitting the road at 7pm from Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. Keep riding regardless of the sun setting a bit earlier every day. More info will be up here soon, but here’s the quick info: This is not our typical “No-Drop” ride, we strongly encourage you to […]

Lose Your Forest, Look at the Trees

Don’t lose the forest  through the trees. We’ve all heard this a time or two. In other words, don’t lose sight of your overall goal (the forest)  by becoming  distracted with smaller issues (trees) along the way.  I have been a firm believer in this adage for my entire life. Yesterday, my hike up Gray’s […]